A Final Mile Company

World Class Final Mile Solutions for American Business 

FSA Logistix specializes in last mile logistics for a wide range of American businesses.  This includes national retailers, manufacturers,  eTailers, healthcare businesses, and third party logistics companies that want FSA Logistix to manage their last mile delivery contracts.

For example, leading national retailers count on FSA Logistix to design and deliver world-class final mile solutions and services to their retail customers nationwide. FSA Logistix leadership and front line service teams understand their vital role in maintaining brand integrity during each final mile delivery. The ‘last mile’ of the supply chain is the most vital link in completing the logistical challenges for retailers and makes the most powerful impression on consumers. When done correctly the odds favor high levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business in the future.

When it comes to product assembly and complex installations, FSA Logistix is a proven leader in quality on-time service. Leading American businesses trust FSA Logistix to get the job done right and right on time.FSA-L-Vets


FSA Logistix