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FSA Logistix 5Our Mission

The mission of FSA Logistix is to continue to grow as a Final Mile Company with quality clients and to innovate successful final mile logistic solutions to meet and exceed our client’s needs and expectations.

Our mission includes:

FSA Logistix 2Customer satisfaction:

FSA Logistix is committed to providing customer-driven ”final mile” logistics service for our retail and wholesale clients and their customers. We use late model trucks, safety-minded drivers, and highly trained associates who deliver superior customer service. We are serious about our mission and measure our performance daily using customer service metrics.

Partnering for excellence: We are committed to fostering a collaborative partnership with our clients to ensure that we are delivering excellence every time we interact with them on the phone or in person.

Cultivating positive team performance:

We are committed to providing our associates with a positive work atmosphere conducive to personal and professional development, and compensation based on performance and contribution to the overall success of the enterprise.

Consistent and enduring value:

To our shareholders we are committed to providing consistent returns and building long-term value for the company.



FSA Logistix