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FSA Logistix designs and delivers world-class final mile solutions and services to our logistics clients and their customers nationwide. From simple ‘threshold’ deliveries to complex installations of high end appliances, FSA Logistix has the skill range and expertise to deliver customized final mile solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

We offer world class final mile solutions for a wide range of American businesses.
• Big box retailers
• Wholesalers
• Manufacturers (exercise equipment and business machines)
• E Commerce / eTailers
• Healthcare Companies (equipment and supplies)
• Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies that want FSA Logistix to manage their final mile deliveries

Our range of services include:
• Customer-driven “last mile” home delivery of large items for retailers, wholesalers, and eTailers
• Complex appliance installations for retailers and wholesalers of high-end residential and commercial appliances
• Residential deliveries: Large items that FSA Logistix typical delivers include: household appliances such as refrigerators, cooking stoves, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. Other residential delivery services include furniture, large home improvement items such as entertainment centers, and home electronics such as theater TV systems.
• Commercial deliveries and installations: we also deliver office equipment, exercise equipment, medical equipment and supplies, and business / IT equipment.

Rapid response to ramp up services:
Our clients count on our ‘can do’ corporate culture to partner with them when they need to implement services on a tight time schedule. FSA Logistix has developed a business model that allows our management and field teams to execute a new start-up location within 60-days, anywhere in the country.

FSA Logistix 4Customer-Centric Business Process:
FSA Logistix has developed a customer-centric culture and business process that includes some of these key elements:
A. Scheduling: Customer service begins with customer-friendly scheduling. Our dispatch agents set the stage early on for a positive delivery experience for our retail customers. We use leading edge technology coupled with a good old-fashioned human touch to ensure our scheduled deliveries happen when we promise they will happen.
B. Delivery Details: FSA Logistix utilizes delivery vehicles that are designed to navigate in both suburban and urban areas where large tractor-trailer trucks are not permitted or practical. We are able to get the large item to our client’s wholesale, retail, and commercial customers on time and without incident.
C. Seamless Reverse Logistics: Before we install a new appliance, we can provide removal and disposal services of old items for our clients. For example, with home deliveries this involves disconnecting and removing old appliances from the home of the customer and properly disposing of these items per client preferences and instructions.
D. Delivery and Installations:
 FSA Logistix delivery teams are skilled and trained to move in and install new appliances per the manufacturer, wholesaler, eTailer, or retailers specifications. This includes connecting, installing, and testing the unit to ensure complete customer satisfaction with their new installation.
E. Positive Customer Service: Our professional delivery and installation teams take time to listen to, speak with , and answer customer questions to ensure that they understand how to use their new unit and are happy with their purchase and delivery


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